Belgium’s Jean-Marie Guffens creates Verget de France

Jean-Marie Guffens, honoured as ‘Best Chardonnay winemaker in the World’ by Robert Parker and well-known from his estate Guffens-Heynen in the Mâconnais and from Château des Tourettes in the Lubéron wine region, created years ago also a négoce named Verget. This négoce enables him to work with winegrowers from Chablis down to the Provence. When he acquired Château des Tourettes near to the city of Apt he created Verget du Sud. But now he has been expressing the wish to rename this négoce ‘Verget de France’ because the Vin de Pays-regulations of the Lubéron look too claustrophobic to him. So, in the near future the idea is to produce nothing but Vin de France-négoce wines in the South. This would give him the freedom to use wine grapes like e.g. merlot. Actually, that is exactly what he is doing with his ‘Rouge’, which he has baptized ‘sans terroir’. (dr)