Spencer: Trappist becoming more and more an international beer

What Forbes wrote about Orval is true to some extend: as there are too few monks left (12) in the abbey of Orval, it is impossible to produce enough of the so beloved Orval-beer. But there is one thing a beer-lover has to understand, and it makes the story of these beers even more interesting. He has to know that the production of the trappist beers is closely related to the history of the abbeys. Some were situated in poor economical regions, like Westmalle and Chimay, so the monks produced as much as they can as it created jobs in the nabourhood of the abbey. These trappists are considered as `commercial,` even if the rules of the trappist beers always have to be respected, it is to say: it should be brewed by trappist-monks and inside the walls of the abbey itself. Actually we have 10 trappist beers in the world, six Belgian (Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Achel), two Dutch (La Trappe and the new Zundert), 1 Austrian (Stift Engelszell - Gregorius), and finally the new American trappist, called Spencer. Then there is one `false`French trappist: the Monts des Cats. It refers to a real trappist abbey, but the beer is not brewed inside the walls of the abbey. In fact it is brewed by Chimay. So the labels indicates 'trappist beer', but doesn't have the seal of the real trappists. (dr/ldr)